The Founder

First and foremost, I am a consumer just as you are. Secondly, I am a mother to two amazing children!

My journey starts with incredibly sensitive skin, redness and extreme sensitivities to medicines and certain ingredients. After knowing since the 4th grade that I wanted to be a hair stylist, I followed that passion and became a licensed cosmetologist. While in that field, I heavily pursued skincare and the ingredients that were in many products. After working in several salons and spas, I saw many skin conditions, many which were aggravated by the products I was using on them in the treatment room. This led to a dream of mine to start my own product line that was free of harsh additives, chemicals and even some hormone disrupting ingredients. 

Fast forward almost 11 years after getting my license, I was pregnant with my daughter. I was even more conscious of what I allowed on my skin as I knew how much you absorb when you apply anything to your skin. After breastfeeding for 18 months, I finally decided to take a leap and start the journey of Lila Naturals.

This has been such an incredible journey, seeing results in my own skin from the products I have created. The most important thing to me however, is hearing from all of the women who are using these products and loving them AND seeing improved skin. None of this would matter if the products weren't effective and changing the way you approach your daily routine. On our social media, I will share with your our journey from our successes, failures and as much behind the scenes as we can.

Truly, I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your support. My goal is to do my best to answer your questions to the best of my ability and to help find what products will work for your skin type. We are incredibly grateful and humbled to be a part of your daily lives.

With much love,

What's with the bird? 

Anyone who knows me would know that I had a great bond with my grandmother. She was my biggest supporter in my life. She knew all of my secrets and my dreams and fears. She was always there when I wanted to play hooky from school. She loved to watch the Hummingbirds outside of the kitchen window and would let me help refill their little feeder. Before she passed she had always told me I can do anything I want to. I want to carry on those dreams and show my daughter and son that they too can do anything they want to. 
In loving memory of June