Recently I was asked some...

Recently I was asked some... - Designs by Lauren Ann
Recently I was asked some of my history, and why I started a skincare line. If you don’t know my story, I am a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist by trade. I spent over 10 years behind the chair and in the facial room doing exactly what I love - helping clients feel better about themself. Being in the treatment room and giving a facial was one of my favorite things in the entire world... it was so relaxing to me and I couldn’t wait to go to work each day and practice. Being around so many products every day really made me start to question and read exactly what was in them, and possible side effects they may have. Once I decided to stay at home with my first baby, I pursued my long time dream of starting my own clean skincare line. Here we are, going on 3 years later, and now I get to help hundreds of people across the globe feel better about themselves. This is my why ❤️ -Lauren 📸| #lilanaturals #skincare #cleanbeauty #veganskincare #naturalskincare #findyourself #findyourpurpose #thisismywhy #crueltyfree #influencer #momssupportingmoms #columbusohio #behindthechair
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