All About our Headquarters Move

All About our Headquarters Move - Designs by Lauren Ann


We're Moving!

If you have followed our companies journey, you might recall that we are currently based out of Austin, Texas. Our little family has lived in Texas since January of 2014, and are originally from Ohio. The time we have spent in Texas building relationships in our personal lives has been bitter sweet, and of course the weather has been sweet too. After years of praying and planning, we have made the big decision to move our family AND our growing business back to our loved Buckeye State of Ohio. 

Of course doing this from a personal aspect, we are overjoyed about being closer to family for multiple reasons. From the business stand point, we are going to have much more growth options and will be able to fill your orders better and meet the growing demand easier. Once we move, we will slowly be scouting locations for a more permanent facility to continue filling the vision we have.


What Does This Mean For Your Orders?

Full transparency - moving our business and all of our product, ingredients, packaging, shelving and equipment, plus a toddler and her house takes special plans. From March 25th, possibly up until April 8th, we will not be shipping out orders while we get settled into our temporary office and get it all organized. During this time, you CAN absolutely still place orders and as a thank you for waiting for the delayed shipping, you can

use code MOVINGSALE to take 20% off your entire order! (keep in mind we can only accept one code at a time, and this cannot be combined with any other code, offer or rewards redemption).


We are grateful for all of our customers who continue to support us and follow this awesome journey, and we are excited to roll out some new goodies once the move is completed! If you have questions, please reach out to us by email at

During the move, we will still be reachable for questions and order support, and will be in and out on social media as well.

Coupon is valid March 25th - April 8th.

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