Customer Stories: Tami

Customer Stories: Tami - Designs by Lauren Ann


Tell Us About Yourself

I was born and raised in Austin. I have been happily married to my wonderful, supportive husband for 10 years. We have two strong, beautiful and spirited children who are our world and take up most of the space in our hearts.. I like to do various crafts and art projects (usually at the same time!;), read when I can focus, practice yoga, enjoy nature and spend time with my sweet little family. As a busy mom, most of my ‘spare time’ Is spent in the bathroom with my pampering products or organizing my house. :) I work at a yoga studio on the weekends to help with our family’s income and socialize with other adults. I am absolutely grateful for the life I have been chosen for. Being a mom is a dream come true and raising two small children is the most rewarding job there is and I am honored to hold the position!


Why Do You Love Lila Naturals?

Natural ingredients is my number one! They have to be safe enough for my kids (just in case)!. The look of the bottles and the products inside is a major plus! I feel fancy when I use them and that is huge for a stay at home mom. :) I love the hummingbird, it reminds me of my grandmother, as she loved birds as well. I have a bird tattoo in her memory.


Favorite Products

Corrective Facial Oil- it smells SO good and makes my skin feel great. I like the Super Food Cleansing Grains with the bamboo brush, the two together seriously feel like a spa treatment!

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